History of ASI United Kingdom

The ASI concept was introduced to the Adventist Church in the British Isles by the then British Union President, Harold Calkins, in 1983. He and his vice-president, John Arthur, invited some ASI members from the USA to meet with interested business and professional lay people in Leicester. During that weekend the first overseas chapter of ASI was formed.

Over the years it was found that the name Adventist Services and Industries meant little to British people, so in 1990 the name was changed to "Adventist Business and Professionals Association" to make it more meaningful to the British membership. The change of name has not made much difference as the Association has remained small with around fifty members. Every member, however, is a totally committed Seventh-day Adventist and takes an active role in their local church.

With the expansion of ASI Europe formed in 1997 it was decided in 2006 to change the name back again to ASI-UK to bring it into line with the other European Chapters.

ASI-UK has strong links with ADRA and over the years has given great support to this organisation. A number of ASI-UK members purchased a tractor unit and forty foot trailer which regularly takes Humanitarian Aid to where it is needed.

ASI-UK members have also sponsored the purchase of Bibles, religious items and literature for Poland and they have supplied the funds for student missionaries and workers in the Missions of the British Union Conference. Members are also involved with STOP International which is building an Adventist Village for orphans in India. Evangelism is high on the Agenda of ASI and British members took part in a Share Him Campaign in Mauritius. This led to a very successful campaign in Stanborough Park Church conducted by the ASI-UK Vice President, Brian Davison.

In the days when the name was the Adventist Business and Professionals Association, an ABPA Business Pages was produced and this was well received by the British Union Conference membership.

Workshops and seminars have been conducted and efforts have been made to attract young, recently qualified, professionals, and those who are starting up in business, to the Association.

ASI-UK members meet for a weekend in the Spring and Autumn and in the Summer for a Day of Fellowship. A chaplain is appointed every two years and is available for spiritual guidance to the members.

The Communiqu magazine is produced each quarter to keep members in touch with what is happening within the Association.