ASI supports ADCs Gift Bible Project

ASI recently supported the Adventist Discovery Centres Gift Bible project through a donation that enabled them to double their Google Adwords budget for the month of April.

What is the Gift Bible project all about? It centres on a website which is designed to generate new contacts for the Church. Members of the public complete ten or more multiple??choice quizzes (each with 20 questions) and are then rewarded with a Gift Bible, personally delivered by a Church member.

The project has three specific aims:

  • To introduce members of the public to Seventh-day Adventist doctrines.
  • To put Bibles into the hands of the public.
  • To generate a usable database of warm contacts who can be invited to social or evangelistic events, or targeted with other evangelistic promotions.
The project began in Wales in August 2010, was then extended to Scotland and??Northern Ireland, and is now being advertised in parts of England as well.

As a result of the extra funding, an additional 28 contacts were made by the end of the first week in April. Posted in News.